Note to self: re-learn how to journal.

Hi all, A here. I will confess that it has been years since I have “journaled.” I used to write all the time growing up. I kept all of my old journals (in case I became famous someday and the world wanted some insight into my largely uneventful adolescence, I guess?). We’re talking giant storage bin filled with notebooks, which I think is still somewhere in my parents’ basement. The last time I tried to read back through them, I had to stop. They are a strange mix of very boring, yet very cringe-worthy.

So, after a roughly decade-long hiatus from journaling, the journal page of The Bae Blog is a little intimidating to me. Throughout undergrad and law school, and now 3 years of practice as an attorney, I’ve been fine-tuning a very specific legal writing style. Legal writing is formal, structured, and argumentative. There are conventions to be followed. The goal of legal writing is to convince the reader (usually a judge or some kind of decision-maker) that my client’s version of events is the correct version, or at least a better version than whatever the opposing side has represented. Legal writing is strategic, and every word matters.

 I’m still warming up to this more casual, creative style of writing. Don’t get me wrong, there is room for creativity in legal writing too, but blogging and journaling feel very different. I’m looking forward to getting back in tune with this conversational writing. Let’s hope these blog posts and journal entries are less cringe-worthy than my old journals – or at the very least, less boring.