Happy new year, and happy new blog!

Hey all, it’s 2019!

And…it’s also our launch date! We have been counting down the days to sharing this blog with you, and are so excited that the time has finally come! Over the last month, we have thrown ourselves head first into the blog world, navigating Squarespace from the ground up, nailing down a purpose for this website, and brainstorming and creating blog posts that have been fun for us to write, and also fun for the other to read. We wouldn’t say it’s been easy…this casual style of writing is something new to both of us…but it’s been a welcome challenge and we are enjoying improving our voices in every post.

As I (Tina) wake up on the first day of this new year (at 6am, because my body doesn’t know what “sleeping in” entails), I am thankful for my snoozing dog and boyfriend by my side, a New Year’s Eve full of sentiments and celebrations, and opportunities like this one that make me excited to start the year. As for resolutions, I’ve never been one to really make a list. As a perfectionist, this just seems like another opportunity to fail at something (I’ll write more about these irrational tendencies in another post, as there’s lots to say about this particular topic). For example, I’d really like to “resolve” to take Tank on a long walk every day, or start up intermittent fasting again, or commit to whole 30 in January. That being said, I would just be setting myself up to fail—sometimes I just want to crash on the couch, or have breakfast at 9 and dinner at 7, or have a glass of wine next week. I’m also currently in Nashville, TN, so I’d probably break all those resolutions today as I‘ve been craving Hattie B’s and don’t plan on leaving the house for the next 24 hours (unless it’s to pick up aforementioned hot chicken). Instead, I prefer to make a promise to myself to continue being my own advocate and choosing what I think are the best paths for my own benefit and my own mental health.

Anyway, YAY! The Bae Blog is live! We hope you enjoy reading our posts as we invite you into our friendship. Fix your morning adult drink of choice (a mimosa for A, but a bloody for me), cozy up with your preferred device, and spend a little “me time” exploring what we’ve created.


Tina and Audrie