5 More Beauty Tips from Tina That You Need to Start Using ASAP!

I am back, back again, with five more beauty tips that are easy to integrate into your routine. See below for the things you (probably) aren’t already doing! :)

xo, T

1. Make your own tinted moisturizer.

I love a good foundation, but I love wearing a lightweight, light coverage tinted moisturizer or BB cream even more. Since I have a decent amount of Fenty foundation left in the bottle, I’ve been making a foundation cocktail by mixing a couple drops into my Origins moisturizer. It gives the perfect amount of color while still being weightless on my face. #boom

2. Wash your face for at least 20 seconds.

I’ve been trying to be more mindful of my skincare lately, and have realized that I’ve been putting soap on my face and immediately washing it off, without taking a moment to really let it clean my skin (aka not letting the soap do all those good things advertised on the bottle). Now that I’ve been taking the time to actually rub the soap into my face, my skin looks cleaner and brighter than it used to.

3. Fill in your eyebrows.

I promise you—his is the key to tying together your entire face. You can achieve this with whatever method you choose—pencil, gel, dip, or powder. I’m currently using Glossier’s Boy Brow gel and couldn’t be happier.

4. Hair oil is good for everyone.

If I could only use one hair product, this would be it—a good hair oil. I use this post-shower and again post-style, both to cut back on the frizz and to add shine. Additional benefits include heat protection and disguising split ends. There are tons of different formulas out there, so even you fine-haired ladies can reap the benefits of a hair oil too. Audrie currently uses VERB Ghost Oil, and I’m working my way through OUAI’s rose-scented hair and body oil.

5. For loose waves, comb through your curls.

Recipe for those effortless beach waves: curl your hair with a wand or straightener, let your curls cool, then take a wide toothed comb and comb through your hair (just once!). Run a few drops of hair oil through and you’re good to go.