Audrie Checks in on her New Years Resolutions

2019 is flying by - its hard to believe it's already spring. Spring always gives me this desire to reset, refresh, and just shake off the “dust” that settles during the winter months. I was thinking about approaching spring with new intentions for the next few months, and then I thought “wait a second… I already made some goals for myself at the beginning of 2019. The beginning of spring feels like the perfect time to revisit those goals, see whether I’m actually still doing them or (the more likely scenario) whether I should recalibrate my intentions and goals going forward.

So, here’s where I stand on all of the goals I set back in January.

 Take my vitamins. Yeah, we’re not off to great start here. I was really good about taking daily vitamins for about a month, but kinda fell out of the habit. I’ll be trying to pick this back up.

Find and stick with a do-able skincare routine. This one I’m actually doing! And, not surprisingly, my skin has looked clearer and fresher since I’ve been consistent with this.

Ramp up my saving habits. I’ve made less progress here than I would have hoped, but I actually just took a hard look at my budget and spending habits, which I think is a good first step to identifying areas for more savings. So… definitely room to keep improving with this goal.

Teach my dog at least one new trick. I haven’t done this one yet, but Riggins has gotten better at “stay.” I still definitely want to accomplish this goal with him, so stay tuned to the Bae Blog IG account for future cute dog tricks!

Hit a 275 lb deadlift. Welp, this goal got derailed slightly after my piriformis injury (aka my broken butt ow!). The good news is that after a few months of no deadlifts, I’m back in action and working to re-build strength while trying to avoid re-injury. I pulled 185 pretty comfortably the other day. I could manage 230 before the injury, so still have a ways to go before I’m back where I was but it feels great to be back at it.

Go on a vacation. We’re going to PORTLAND this week, so that counts - right?! Yes, I’m going to check this one off the list. Or maybe I’ll just leave it on the list, and take another vacation later in 2019…

Eat more vegetables in lieu of foods that are obviously unhealthy. I didn’t do very well with this goal in the first few months of 2019, but definitely want to be more intentional about my food choices over the next few months now that summer is fast-approaching. Stay tuned for a future post about what I’m doing to “slim down” for summer!

I think the goals I set in January are still good ones, but I want to add a few more intentions for the rest 2019:

  • Practice more self care in various forms like mindfulness exercises, more time relaxing, and less time looking at my phone.

  • Read more books.

  • Stay consistent with my journal - this is something I’ve picked back up recently, and it has been a really nice way to sort through my thoughts and feelings.

How are your 2019 resolutions and goals coming along? Let us know what goals you set for yourself in 2019, and take a few minutes to check in with those goals. If they’re not serving you any more, change them up or ditch them all together in favor of some new goals and intentions!