How to Split your Workouts like Tina

If you’ve been keeping up with all of Audrie’s fitness posts, you should know that she’s a beast in the gym and has tons of exercise and fitness experience to share. Me? Not the fitness expert over here. While Audrie loves to get creative in the gym, branches out when choosing fitness classes, and loves her some treadmill sprints, I couldn’t be more opposite. I actually didn’t even pick up a weight, yet alone regularly step foot in a gym, until December 2016. #iknowyoureshook

When it comes to my exercise routine, I like to keep it predictable, easy to follow, and requiring as little effort as possible to see change and feel like I was productive. See below for my current workout split if you’re more on the chill side instead of adventurous Audrie’s side. #lesssweatmoremuscle #whatcardio

Monday: This is my rest day. Audrie loves starting her week off strong with a Monday morning workout, but I am the opposite. You’re damn right that my weekly self-care routine starts off with sleeping in on Monday mornings and prolonging my weekend an extra couple hours.

Tuesday: This is the first workout of my week! I do a quick body scan and figure out which half of my body is less sore—upper or lower—and that will be my focus for the morning. This week happened to start with an upper body day. Lately I have been loving this simple “upper/lower” split instead of focusing on a different muscle group each day. On upper days, I start with 5-10 minutes of incline treadmill LISS to loosen up my muscles and elevate my heart rate. I throw in a little bit of everything on these days—back, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps—and superset a couple exercises to maximize my time. Sometimes I screenshot a workout on Instagram (usually Whitney Simmons or Taylor Dilk), and sometimes I make things up as I go. I have recently discovered that I work harder on the days where I improvise my workouts, so my IG workouts might fade into just inspiration.

Wednesday: Since I did upper the day before, I start with lower on Wednesday, meaning my legs and booty get all the attention. I switch over to my Chuck 2’s for these workouts, since they help with deepening exercises such as squats and deadlifts and also keep my feet flat on the ground. After five minutes of glute activation with my hip bands, I mix together compound and isolation exercises some weeks, and other weeks I spend one lower body day doing only compound (squats, deadlifts, lunges) and the other doing more specific isolation exercises to work my glutes, quads, hammies, and calves.

Thursday: My second upper day of the week. I try to do different exercises than I did Tuesday, but if there was something I really loved, I might do it again. PS—I always finish these days with a mediocre stretch sesh. In one of my graduate courses last summer, I learned that we need to hold a stretch 30 seconds or longer for it to be effective, so this is something I constantly remind myself when I want to pack up and leave once I finish my workout.

Friday: Lower day pt. 2! Again, I have the same self-talk dialogue in my head about the importance of stretching. I find it easier to stretch my lower half than I do my upper half, mainly because I know more leg stretches due to my longass stint as a runner. Note to self: research more ways to stretch my upper body.

Saturday: I reluctantly started incorporating some type of HIIT workout into my schedule, so on Saturdays I try to do an intense EMOM (every minute on the minute) workout. I don’t love sweating and I don’t love plyometrics, but I do love shedding some fat so my hard-earned muscles can show through. #sixpackwhereyouat

I do this type of workout on Saturdays because I just can’t bring myself to be doing jump lunges or high knees at 5:30 in the morning. #pass

Sunday: This is one of my favorite days—glute/shoulder day! I do 3-4 supersets of glute/shoulder exercises and work out two of my favorite muscle groups at the same time. An example superset for me would be 10 Arnold presses combined with 20 pulse squats, both using dumbbells. Because it’s Sunday, I can really take my time with this workout and not stress over having to get ready for work. It’s great.

Finally, I tack on some ab exercises to each WEIGHT workout (there’s no way I’m adding additional abs to an EMOM workout). This could be some easy cable crunches or in-and-outs on the bench. I like to keep these simple but also focus on engaging my core, something that I unfortunately tend to pussy out of. #sixpackdreams

And there you have it! Now that you know both mine and Audrie’s, what is YOUR current workout split? Comment below and share your schedule, or share some of your favorite moves that we can fit into ours. :)

xo, T

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