Bae Faves: the January 2019 Edition

Hi friends! Because we want to share more of the things we love with you, we’re starting a BAE FAVES series. Every month (give or take) we’ll recap the things we enjoyed most. Starting a blog in January was a great choice for this. See below for our January bae faves!

Tina’s Faves:

True Detective: Boyfriend recently made me watch Season 1 of this show and it only took a couple episodes to get me hooked. Season 3 recently premiered on HBO on January 13th, and we look forward to watching it every week! Check it out if you

Vanderpump Rules: This is one of those shows that is so bad, it’s good. I love watching this show on Bravo whenever my mind needs a break from homework and listening to other people’s problems. I wish I could give you a better reason why I like this show besides the fact that it’s stupid and entertaining. Check it out.


Missha BB Cream: I talked about this in my 2018 Amazon Faves but I have to mention it again—I love this stuff. I’m not one to wear a full face of foundation daily, so this is my go-to in the mornings to even out my skin tone, control oil, and still let my freckles peek through.


Lark Skin Co. Body Oil: This small business has become a quick favorite after they hosted their warehouse sale a few weeks ago. I picked up this body oil at a crazy discounted price and love alternating it with lotion after my shower. It’s the perfect weightless blend of oils that soak into my skin quickly and leave it soft and smelling amaze. Sadly, it’s not up on their website anymore (I guess they sold out—sad face), but you should check out some of their other products and support that small business lyfe.

Milestone Red Blend: I’m not one to repeat wine purchases often as I enjoy experimenting with different blends and brands (much like I do with mascara). This has been the perfect smooth red blend that has no acidic or bitter aftertaste. My best guess is that it’s a cross between a cabernet sauvignon and pinot noir.

Google Keep: I love all Google apps but this one has been on my most-used apps list recently, especially now that we’ve started this blog. Because it syncs with your Google account, I can type a quick note or to-do list on my computer, and immediately access it on my iPhone. I can also add collaborators so Audrie and I can add to our list of blog ideas simultaneously. ☺

Soon: I downloaded this app after reading about it on The Everygirl, and I cannot stop raving about it to everyone I’ve met! Soon lets you categorize all the recommendations people give you (books, movies, restaurants) so you have a go-to list whenever you find the time to do one of those suggestions. My favorite feature, however, is the trip planner. Like Google Keep, you can add friends as collaborators and create a list of places to visit in whatever city you’re visiting. It also creates a map with pins for all these places so you can see which of your stops are neighboring others! And yes--Our Portland Wish-List is stocked and ready to go. Thanks, Soon


Everlane High-Waisted Authentic Stretch Button-Fly Jeans: I got my first pair of Everlane jeans last fall during their $50 sale, and jumped on these as soon as they came out. I’ve been eyeing the Madewell button-fly jeans for-ev-er, but can’t bring myself to drop the $130. These jeans are similar but WAY cheaper. They have the perfect amount of stretch while still retaining that thick, durable denim feel. The washed black color is also a nice change from my [many] pairs of black jeans.

Audrie’s Faves:

Mainiac: Maniac is the best thing I watched on Netflix in January. Every episode left me asking “wait wft just happened?!” Essentially, the characters are involved in drug trial testing which stirs up repressed memories and forces the characters to confront their pasts. Super interesting, a little weird, and definitely worth a watch!

Pyrex Storage Containers: These were a Christmas gift, and they are wonderful. They are so much sturdier than the plastic food storage I was using before, and re-heating is a breeze in the microwave (or the oven if I’m feeling fancy).

Cuddl Dud Flannel Sheets: It has been cold AF in St. Louis this winter, so I’ve been loving my super comfy and cozy flannels. They’re heavier than regular cotton sheets, and have stayed soft after countless wash and dry cycles. The only downside: sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning when I’m so cozy!


Bubble water: In an effort to cut down on random snacking between meals, I’ve been loving bubble water (I don’t care what brand - the house grocery store bubble water is just as good as La Croix, if not better IMO). It’s refreshing, and is a great zero-calorie choice when I’m in the mood to snack just for the sake of snacking.


Hydroflask - I know Tina and I have mentioned the Hydroflask on a couple of occasions… and it really is that great. Staying hydrated is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle, and keeping this giant water bottle at my desk every day makes it easy to drink a ton of H2O. They're a little pricey (especially the big ones), but trust me. It’s worth it. You’ll never need another water bottle!

Gezellig - I randomly found myself at this little bar / beer shop a bunch of times in January (I guess because boyf is a bit of a beer snob, and also because they allow dogs so we can take Riggins!). If you’re in STL, this place is definitely worth a visit. They have beers on draft, and a whole wall of coolers with bottles and cans for purchase. I love that I can try something new every time. And bonus: Pie Guy serves up delish pizza right next door.


Check out some of our favorites - we hope they become your favorites too! Leave us a comment and let us know what some of your faves were in January!


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