Audrie and Tina Answer 14 Questions about Each Other (Get to Know Us!)

Hey babes, T&A here with a “best friend tag” a.k.a. “best bae tag” so you can get to know us a little better! We love a good Q&A, so we picked some random questions and answered them with what we thought the other bae would say. That’s how this “tag” thing works right?? Keep reading to learn more about us!!

1. What does she order at a bar?

Audrie (answered by Tina): A light beer, a glass of wine, or a gin & tonic.

Tina (answered by Audrie): G&T (or wine?) or sour beer if she’s playing fast and loose with the gluten that night.

2. Which celeb would she want as her other BFF and why?

A: I can see her getting along quite well with Emma Stone.

T: Lucy Hale, because she is also cute and fun.

3. Name the song she loves singing to in the car with you most.

A: CLOSER (by The Chainsmokers), Y’ALL.

T: Ever—Closer - Chainsmokers. Recently—Welcome to the Party - Diplo

4. Where does she want to travel the most?

A: Generally anywhere since she hasn’t been on a real vacation since Belize.  But she’d probably want to go back to Europe/France or maybe somewhere in Europe she hasn’t been before.

T: Somewhere new, i.e. an upcoming trip to China. But also Hawaii.

5. Which is her favorite season?

A: Fall--just look at her candle collection.

T: Summer—no school, and lots of pool time.

6. What’s her go-to dish when she has to make dinner?

A: Macaroni and cheese of any sort (her fave is from Salt + Smoke), but probably the boxed variety if she’s cooking solo.

T: Cleveland Heath Brussels sprouts; If solo, fish or chicken with rice and veggies.

7. What does she dip a chicken nugget in?

A: Chick-Fil-A sauce.

T: Ketchup + Chick-Fil-A Sauce.

8. If she had to describe herself in only three words, what would she choose?

A: Goofy, ambitious, and strong.

T: Perceptive, caring, and hard-working.

9. What would she want her last meal to be?

A: Any type of nachos, as long as there’s a lot of them and plenty of cheese.

T: Something from the Philippines + a side of french fries.

10. If she was an animal, what would she be?

A: A dog, so she can communicate in dog-speak with Riggins.

T: Cat, so she can bridge the roomie gap between Tank and the feline roomies, Oliver and Seamus

11. What is her favorite gym equipment?

A: Girlfriend loves her squat rack.

T: Tie between cables and free weights.

12. What are her top three biggest pet peeves?

A: When people are running late and she’s ready to go, when she has to be out later than she was anticipating (girlfriend gets cranky when she’s tired), and just traffic in general.

T: Late people, when she needs space to process something, but can’t get it, and that one time Tank pulled a bunch of steaks off the counter.

13. What does she put on her pizza?

A: Pepperoni, jalapenos, and pineapples.

T: Pepperoni, jalapenos, pineapple

14. Name three things you both completely, 100% agree on.

A: Being on time is better than being late (when we want to be there, at least), that shopping in stores sucks, and that we can always count on a good time when we’re with each other. <3

T: Dogs are super fun to do stuff with, that the best way to explore a city is on foot (when possible), and that lifting > running.


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