Tina's Top 5 HG Beauty Tips

When it comes to my beauty and skincare routine, I’m a pretty simple girl. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely gone through the phrases of being 100% natural with no makeup, and from being makeup-obsessed and treating my face like an art canvas (which I still enjoy from time to time!). Now that I’ve had years to play around and figure out what works best for me, I have a pretty simple routine that I follow in regards to my self-care routine (yes, self-care includes how you treat your skin, hair, and appearance). While I’ll go into those specifics in a future post, I wanted to share with you my go-to, holy grail tips that I have learned and pocketed over the years. Keep reading for the beauty tips that I have incorporated into my lifestyle!

xo, T

When washing your hair, ”less is more” applies.

Those who know me IRL have heard me say this on repeat—only wash your hair a couple times a week! I myself only wash my hair once every seven days or so. There are numerous reasons why this is beneficial for your hair, especially if you have long hair like me. It helps your scalp produce a healthy amount of oil, it prevents you from drying out your hair, it leads to fewer split ends and breakage, and enhances shine with your natural oils. Dry shampoo is your friend: I use Batiste Clean & Light Bare and Oribe Gold Lust (I got this in my FabFitFun box, y’all). Bonus—you save tons of money on shampoo and conditioner since you only use them 1-2 times a week (and we all know the good stuff is crazy expensive). I’ll talk about HOW to train your hair in a future post, and it’s important to remember that this is a process and not something that will happen immediately.

Use an eye cream.

If you haven’t had a chance to read this tip in any other beauty guide or blog on the internet, I’m telling you now—get an eye cream. As much as I hate to admit it, I will become older eventually (cue violins) and my skin isn’t going to look as bright and wrinkle-free as it does today. In my attempt to dip my toe in the water of anti-aging products, I purchased an eye cream last summer and have used it every night since. Here are a couple reasons why eye creams are important: they brighten your eye area and help eliminate dark circles, and they hydrate the skin around your eyes, which is some of the thinnest skin on your body. I am currently using Dr. Roebuck’s Down Under Collagen-Boosting Eye Treatment.

Keep your body lotion in the shower.

This tip was a reactive one I learned after suffering for years from dry, itchy legs in the winter. I always hated the act of putting cold lotion on after a relaxing, warm shower, and often skipped this step altogether. For a while, I tried using Nivea’s In-Shower Body Lotion, but stopped after feeling like I was wasting most of the product by washing it off, and I wasn’t getting the same amount of nourishment as regular body lotion. So, in attempts to cure my dry leg woes (which get worse after shaving), I started keeping my tub of lotion (I use Genes Vitamin E Creme, which you can get at Sam’s Club for a whopping $8) with all my shower products and applying it immediately after I patted down with a towel. When my skin needs extra moisture (or when it’s brutal cold outside), I’ve been loving Lark’s The Body Oil instead of my regular lotion. Bonus tip: if you apply your lotion in only one direction (i. e. don’t rub it up and down or in circles, just pull it down your legs/arms/torso/etc.) it helps seal your pores and maximizes your lotion’s benefits.

Line your upper waterline.

Here is the only makeup-related HG tip that I have, since I feel like makeup routines are so individualized depending on the person. What I mean by this is to put your eyeliner (pencil only, please) on your upper waterline before you apply mascara. This quick and simple act will make your eyes look bigger and your lashes look fuller in 10 seconds or less. You want to make sure you use a pencil eyeliner that is soft enough to glide onto your waterline, but is also waterproof or long-lasting so it doesn’t get in your eyes. I currently use Smashbox Always On Gel Liner, but it still gets in my eyes so I wouldn’t say it’s an HG product. If you have an eyeliner you love for your waterline, please comment below and I’ll check it out.

Establish a daily vitamin routine.

This beauty tip is one that enhances your appearance from the inside out. Much like what I said about eye creams, if you aren’t taking a daily vitamin cocktail, you are doing yourself a disservice! As much as I hate to admit it (especially since I’m halfway through Whole 30), I am not eating all the vitamins and minerals my body needs. Taking daily vitamins helps me feel that I’m caring for and nourishing my body even better than I can just by eating well and sleeping enough. I like to take vitamins geared towards women as they include biotin and strengthen my dry hair and thin nails. I am currently loving the Perfectil brand after discovering it through Carrie Rad, and I take the Perfectil Plus Skin version since it contains extra goodies like Omega-3s and even more biotin.

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