5 Subscriptions Worth Having, ITO (in Tina's opinion)

If you read my post on my Amazon favorites from 2018, you can probably guess that online shopping is my go-to when I need a restock of my everyday essentials, or when I want something specific (clothing, beauty products, makeup, fitness stuff, etc.). Since I’ve made myself so busy nowadays, I truly don’t know how I survived without the option to buy things online. Now that I’ve had a few years to test out a sh*t ton of subscriptions, here are the ones that have made my life easier.

Amazon Prime

Do I really have to go into this? Probably not. PS—I’m not counting this as one of my top five as it goes without saying. #enoughsaid #amazonislife

Image from www.thebritinboston.com

Image from www.thebritinboston.com


When it comes to beauty subscription boxes, I have probably tried them all—GlossyBox, Birchbox, Ipsy, BoxyCharm, you name it. I was skeptical about the FFF box for years as the $50 price tag seemed a bit high and unnecessary. FFF always has a ton of promo codes available, so I figured I’d give it a try for the Winter 2017 box just to see what it was like. I have NEVER been so impressed with the quality and quantity of products as I was with this box! I love how they throw together items from a bunch of different categories—I got a hair product, a couple skincare products, some makeup, a candle, and an accessory. They also give you the opportunity to pick different things, so you have some power in what shows up in your boxes. Plus, since it’s only sent 4 times a year, it’s roughly $17 a month which is basically what you’re paying for that monthly Birchbox full of samples, NOT full-sized products. #FFFboxFTW


Apple iCloud Storage

So, here’s one that you probably haven’t seen on any of the other blogs who write these types of posts. Every month, I pay a whole 99 cents for an additional 50gb of iCloud storage. Here’s why this is awesome—it frees up so much space on my phone, that would otherwise get filled by photos, apps, text messages, and other gizmos and gadgets. When I got my iPhone upgrade, I opted for the lowest storage (64gb) since I knew I could upload most of my things to iCloud but still access them on my phone. This saved me few hundo by not getting a phone with 256gb of storage, and I only pay an extra dollar a month.

Photo from www.mybillie.com

Photo from www.mybillie.com


I’ve never understood why replacement razor blades cost so much money, especially the GOOD ones that have at least 5 blades (I was using Schick Hydro5 for years—“men’s” razor, yeah right). Billie has those 5 blades that I want and love, the hydrating serum around the cartridge, and a cute design that isn’t a must-have but is still appreciated. It’s $9 to start, which includes the handle color of your choice, 1 cartridge, and a magnetic wall mount which is a unique and functional bonus. From there, you can choose your subscription of choice based on how often you shave—I only shave a few times a week, so I get four cartridges every 2 months for $9. #nopinktax Compared to Venus or my previous Schick cartridges, this is a huge price drop. In terms of quality, I haven’t had any nicks or ingrown hairs since I switched over to Billie.


Spotify Premium

I used to be an avid runner, so music was a must-have in order for me to make it to the finish line after running for hours. Though Spotify is technically free, I hated having the ads in the middle of my playlists because they distracted me from my running flow and were just plain annoying. The free version also had a limited number of skips, so eventually I’d be forced to listen to an entire song before hearing the next one. Other premium benefits: ability to listen offline, full access to any song or album, and better music quality. It’s regularly just $10 a month, but ya girl T gets it for $5 since I am technically a “student.”

Photo from www.hellosubscription.com

Photo from www.hellosubscription.com


BarkBox is a subscription box for dogs, so depending on your plan, you get a variety of toys, treats, and chews every month that all fit into a theme. The main reason for my shout-out, however, is their amazing customer service. My dog, Tank, isn’t the biggest fan of toys and I was going to cancel my subscription for this reason and also because of the price—$29/month. After speaking with various members of their service team, I was able to fully customize Tank’s subscription to a toy, three bags of treats, and one or two chews every other month, for just $20. They also make it super easy to get in touch with them, as you can call, email, chat, or even text their team.


And there you have it—Tina’s recommendations for subscriptions that will improve your online shopping experience, if not your LIFE. What are some of your subscription must-haves? I am always looking for new ones to try. Comment below with the deets!

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