Tina's Top 15 Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2018

So, here’s a good example of the influence Audrie has on me. After reading her post about her Amazon Top 8, I first purchased her recommendation of the Lash Paradise mascara/primer duo, and then pulled up my order history out of curiosity. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I placed 198 Amazon orders last year. #excessive #amazonownsme

After clicking through all my purchases, I was able to narrow down my top FIFTEEN purchases from last year that I am excited to share with you all. Audrie and I are constantly updating each other on our Amazon finds (aka pretty much the only place we shop), so it makes sense to reveal all our discoveries. Here are my top 15 for 2018:


1. Marble and Gold Coasters from Thirstystone


Guys, I love these coasters. The white marble and gold edges are super classy, and they easily match my living room decor. I have a pretty crazy colored rug, so I was looking for simple coasters and was lucky to find these. I’m also a big fan of functional decor, so the fact that these stones soak up any condensation seals the deal.

2. Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Powder, Double Rich Chocolate flavor

This is hands down the best tasting chocolate protein powder I’ve ever had. I get grossed out by thicker protein shakes, so I mix this with water for a cleaner “mouthfeel,” if you will. It tastes like chocolate milk. I repurchased this multiple times last year.


3. My Hydroflask

I thought this was just an overrated water bottle—my boyfriend and his sister-in-law talked it up for months before I bought my own. It wasn’t until I found a white one with a straw lid that I finally broke down and made my purchase. Now that I have it, I don’t know what I was doing before. It’s so easy to toss into my bags—both gym and work—and it keeps my water cold all day.


4. Reusable metal straws

So I love straws, whatever. What I don’t love, though, are those pictures of sea turtles with straws stuck in their noses. Here’s my attempt at being more environmentally-conscious while still supporting my love for straws.


5. Cotton rounds in bulk

I bought 600 of these little cotton rounds (100 per sleeve/6 sleeves) for an insanely good deal—a sleeve of 80 is usually $3 or so at Target. I use two of these every morning and night with my facial toner. They come in handy and I still have a bunch of them left.


6. Anti-frizz hair towel

I have naturally wavy, awkward, and frizzy hair. When I dry my hair with this, I don’t damage my hair and make it even frizzier, like my regular bath towel does. I work some OUAI Rose Hair/Body Oil through my hair, throw it up in this towel, and by the time I take it down I have smooth, almost dry waves with minimal frizz.


7. Marie Sharp’s hot sauce

Boyf and I took a vacation to Belize last March and became obsessed with this hot sauce…but didn’t buy any to bring back to the US (note to self—buy the $3 bottle in the airport next time). We were excited and relieved when we found a huge bottle available for purchase on Amazon. The unique thing about this hot sauce is that it’s made with carrots, so it has a sweet heat that I haven’t found in any other hot sauce. #worthit


8. Suede strappy heels in Camel

I originally bought these to match a bridesmaid’s dress, but they are incredibly versatile and quickly became my new favorite shoe to wear for a night out or on a date. The chunky heel is stylish, but also incredibly comfortable so I can wear them for hours with no complaints.


9. Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journals can be made from any regular notebook, but what I love about this one is that it has built-in coloring pages—something way different than other gratitude journals I’ve seen.


10. Adidas Swift gym shoes in White/Crystal White/White

I love white tennis shoes…this is NOT my first pair (it’s the fourth pair I’ve purchased). That being said, it’s probably my favorite set that I own. I replaced the laces with some HICKIES, and now I just slip them on and head out the door for the gym. I also like the fun rose gold detailing on the back heel. I do recommend sizing down in these, as I usually wear an 8 and the 7.5 is still a little too big for me.


11. Cluse LaBoheme watch

What I love about this watch is that it’s not a “popular” brand (everyone who compliments it has never heard of Cluse) and that it’s simply but timeless. It’s face isn’t too big for my tiny wrist (the face is 38 mm across) and I can wear it with everything. It’s the second watch I’ve purchased from Cluse and I am happy with both!


12. Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

So, this wasn’t originally an Amazon purchase (I got my first tube in Seoul, Korea), but I repurchased it on Amazon last year because the shade I had didn’t quite match my skin tone. This BB cream is wonderful as a tinted moisturizer—even coverage, smooth application, easily blended, SPF—and if you’re an oily girl like me, it minimizes shine better than any foundation I’ve tried.


13. Evlution Nutrition BCAA powder in Blue Raspberry

I discovered this brand during a Lighting sale and have since repurchased it—the flavor tastes delicious, it dissolves quickly, and it helps with muscle fatigue. I’m currently doing Whole 30, and I can tell a difference in my body now that I don’t drink this during my workouts (WAY more soreness).


14. Natural Bamboo charcoal blotting papers

Like I mentioned earlier, I have oily skin, so anything that is “mattifying” or “anti-shine” is my (other) best friend. These papers help remove that excess oil that shows up a couple hours after makeup application and help keep me looking matte for the next few hours. Combined with the Missha BB Cream (cream first, then blot), I can pull off a shine-free look WITHOUT a setting powder. #wut


15. Skinny fabric resistance bands

These were my very last purchase of 2018, and I’m so happy I found them! My regular mini-bands are fine, but I hate when they roll, snap, or pull at my skin in shorts (ow). These fabric bands offer different resistances (unlike the thick, extreme, and one strength hip band) so I can mix things up in my banded workouts and activation exercises. Bonus: they’re cute colors.

And there you have it, folks. My top 15 Amazon purchases from 2018. Happy shopping and sorry to your wallet.


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