10 Reasons to Create a Blog with Your Bestie

Audrie and I have been toying with the idea of creating a blog for a long time but the timing was never in our best interest until recently. We have always been interested in sharing what we love with our close friends and loved ones, so we branched out and decided to share with cyberspace! Here are our top 10 reasons why starting a blog with your best friend is a great idea:

  1. You both have the same interests.

    Who else has a bestie who loves everything you do? Besides our conflicting Classpass go-to’s (CycleBar for A, and PLNK for me), we like pretty much the same stuff. Can’t get any better than that.

  2. You both love trying new things.

    Whether it’s a new face serum or a new travel destination, we love it all. We are always trying new experiences and updating each other on our discoveries.

  3. You both love to share and do things for others.

    If you look at our iMessage thread, you’ll notice we are constantly in contact with each other. If you look even closer, you’ll notice that we are always asking each other what she needs if we are out running errands. Sharing is just a part of who we are, so how exciting to have an opportunity to share with others!

  4. Blogs are a fun way to document all the important things in life.

    Much like your Instagram feed, blogs are a creative hobby to keep track of the things you love, places you visited, and reminders of past experiences.

  5. You both are busy humans, and want a way to stay connected in your friendship.

    A and I used to live a quick 5 minute walk away from each other, but that has changed due to my recent move. This blog is something we can do together, even though we are not physically together anymore.

  6. You both have creative sides and you’re looking for an outlet.

    Audrie is creative by nature (her current hobby is experimenting with calligraphy), and I’m creative with a purpose (my current hobby: starting a blog #duh), so it makes sense to combine our talents and make this thing happen.

  7. You’re both dog moms.

    Now, this one may seem a little silly and quite specific, but what we’ve learned in the last 3 years we’ve been dog owners is that we LOVE talking about our dogs. Hopefully we’ve got some other dog moms out there also looking to read about the things we do with our pups. #domorewithyourdog

  8. You have strong opinions and appreciate honesty.

    When I’m looking for a review on a product or travel destination, I gravitate towards the blogs that are articulate, honest, and show a quirk in the writer’s personality. In regards to honesty, who wants to read fake news? Audrie and I are always upfront with each other, so we plan on extending that same favor here. :)

  9. You have a bunch of other friends who are willing to write some guest posts.

    A and I definitely don’t know everything, so we’ve pitched the idea of guest blogging to a few of our friends.

  10. You’re looking for a low-key hobby that doesn’t break the bank.

    Besides the initial experimentation (and frustration) with designing a site—choosing a theme, learning how to use it, etc.—starting a blog is a relatively easy and low maintenance hobby to pick up. Split between two people, the cost to maintain the domain and website is less than $9 a month, so…bring on The Bae Blog!